Would i be fired if i took time off for rehab?

In the past I got fired because I was drunk at work. Now on my days work off I binge drink but I am sober when I return back to work. Today I saw an addictions councillor and she talked about options for a treatment plan discussed possibly me taking time off work for rehab. Would my boss fire me if I asked him for a month off for rehab?

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  • PurpleHoneycomb

    It really does just depend on the company. Some will fire you, some will just deny the time off, and others will be okay with it.

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  • 1WeirdGuy

    I think it goes under disability so i dont think they can legally fire you for it but they can always fire you for some made up bullshit and say its not because of the disability shit.

    You should definitely go to rehab tho I have a family member with liver failure and its rough. He has to go get a giant needle stabbed through his abdomen and they drain the toxic bile that his liver leaks out into his abdomen. After a few weeks he starts looking pregnant again and has to go back and get drained. I dont even think hes 50 yet. He kept the same job for almost 30 years too he was functioning but had to quit after he started dying.

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    • bigbudchonger

      Grim times dude

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    It depends on the laws in your state and the company policy. Also if you qualify for FMLA.

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  • bigbudchonger

    I wouldn't bother with rehab; it's got a small success rate. I'm a bit of a druggy and big alchy myself. You've got to get off it on your own dude.

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  • darefu

    Check with your work benefits or HR department.

    There are ways to word it,

    A month off for a medical condition and recovery.

    A month off for a mental health issue that needs inpatient treatment.

    Check, but get treated, if you are working for a company that's going to fire you, then it's not that great of a company. Take whatever sick leave you have, then let them fire you and file for unemployment. Fired for a medical treatment or condition is not a 'fired for cause' reason. Unless it is explicitly stated in work rules or policies.

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  • Cuntsiclestick

    The answer to that depends on where you live. In some places they are allowed to fire you while in others it would be illegal. Perhaps you should look it up and see what your options are. XD

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  • Iambillythemenacetosociety

    Depends on where you work.

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  • litelander8

    All you can do is ask. Some people will hold the position for you but others can’t.

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  • Ummitsstillme

    I could only hope after paid rehab and you continually shit all over the business, you are the CEO

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