Good Things: (Do These)
  • Ask whatever is on your mind
    We all have questions. We all wonder. If you're wondering about something, chances are that someone else out there is also wondering about it too. If you're wondering about somerthing, chances are that there's someone else out there who will have some good advice for you. It doesn't hurt to ask. It's free, and quick, and totally anonymous. By asking about whatever is on your mind, you're helping the community. You're helping the next person who has the same question. So, go for it.
  • Give helpful advice to others
    All of us have experiences and advice that we can share with other people in need. If you have some light to shed on someone's situation, don't hesitate to leave them a comment. If you have detailed advice to offer, awesome, but even if it's just "I feel the same way!" or "I'm sorry, I hope it all works out for you", your note could brighten someone's day.
  • Phrase your questions clearly
    There are two ways to ask your questions here on IIN (Is It Normal) and for each there is a right way to ask so that you get the most helpful responses.
    1. Stories: The most common way to ask. Remember that people will be voting on your submission, so you have to phrase your question in a way that makes it clear to the reader what they're voting on. When they're voting "yes" or "no", it has to be to the question "Is It Normal?". If you end your post with a different question, the voting will be confusing to the reader, and your results will not be as useful or interesting to you or the community. So, put yourself in their shoes and imagine yourself voting on your own submission. Will it make sense? Will you know what you're voting on?
    2. Polls: Polls are more flexible, but have their own nuances. Just like stories, the key is to make sure that the person voting has clear choices to make. Do your poll choices cover all the different options clearly? If appropriate, did you leave people an "other" choice to make if they don't happen to fit in the other buckets you provided?
  • Be courteous and thoughtful
    IIN is a diverse, wide-ranging community. There will be differing, diverse opinions on a variety of (sometimes intensely debated) subject matter, but this doesn't mean you have to be mean. If you disagree with someone, explain to them why. Attempt to persuade in an intelligent manner rather than being insulting or brash. Not only will you feel better about it afterward, but you might actually bring someone over to your side of the argument. Just being mean or dismissive will not help your case.
  • Help us spot bad behavior
    Don't hesitate to email us ( [email protected] ) if you see anything on the site that you think might be a problem. You can also click "Report" on any post or comment and we'll check into it as soon as we can. Also don't hesitate to give a negative/poor comment a thumbs down.
  • Help us spot good behavior
    When you see a good comment, give it a thumbs up!
  • Be understanding and open minded
    You may encounter things on IIN that you think are bizarre, or unusual, or even outrageous. But, just because someone is different, doesn't make them a bad person. Try to be open minded and put yourself in their shoes before responding.
Bad Things: (Don't Do These)
  • Do not submit fake stuff
    This site is at its best when real people ask real questions and get real advice from others. Sometimes people submit fake questions and this detracts from everyone's experience. So, don't do it. You probably have a real question you've been thinking about asking, use that one instead.
  • Do not assume someone else's submission is fake
    You'd be surprised how many things you think are fake are real. People out there are different than you are. Some do things you consider bizarre. This doesn't mean they aren't in need of good advice. Even if it sounds a bit crazy, try take it seriously and offer good advice.
  • Do not troll
    I know I know, I'm feeding the trolls. But, it's really annoying. Please take it elsewhere.
  • Do not rite n txt spk
    Wn u rite lk this u l00k lk a m0ron. its also rly hrd for peeps t know wht ur tking about. stop it.
  • Do not insult or degrade others
    If you get off on insulting others, please leave this site. You're not wanted. Do it enough and your account may get restricted.
  • Do not vent, rant or use hate speech
    IIN is not a place to just rant and rave. It's a forum where people come to exchange ideas and get advice. If you see a post that isn't a real question, but is just a senseless rant, please let us know about it.
  • Do not break the law, solicit or advertise
    Don't abuse this platform by writing about illegal activites, soliciting sex or advertising your products. These behaviors are strictly monitored and will get your account restricted. Abide by the TOS