Why would a 65 year old call a 30 year old "old lady"?

So my 65 year old coworker let's call her Liz called my 30 year old coworker old and she wasn't joking either.

A customer came into our business in her 60s asked to speak to the girl that helped her yesterday described her as a "young girl with very long black hair" and my 65 year old coworker responded with "young? We don't have any young woman with long black hair."

So the customer said "she was definitely the one who helped me yesterday though the young girl who has long black hair down to her waist she's slim she helped me at 4pm" so I joined in and said it's probably Sarah.. and Liz said "Sarah isn't young though she's 30" but the customer said "yeah that's her Sarah the young lady that helped me" and Liz chuckled and said"since when is 30 a young lady it's old almost middle aged she's not young you should of said the 30 year old because I'm thinking you're talking about an actual young woman not an old lady" and we got Sarah to help the customer that was that

But I got so confused because I'm 27 I'm almost 30 and I never thought 30 was an old lady why would a 65 year old call 30 old then what's 65? 85? 95?

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  • SkullsNRoses

    She’s bitter about her own age and trying to drag other people into her own misery. Thirty is not old unless you’re a kid.

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    • imnotnormal555

      This is what makes me fucking hate old people!!! I hear that type of shit at my job all the time and it used to drag me down. They would tell me I'm a dinosaur. It's projection. They're trying to project their inner feelings and beliefs about themselves onto other people. Don't take it personally. Just stay the fuck away from these people!!! They're energy vampires!!!

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  • bbrown95

    That sounds very strange, especially coming from someone in their 60's. No idea why she would say something like that, but it's really bizarre. Perhaps she is jealous that someone referred to Sarah as young and feels insecure about her own age? It's also really weird and unprofessional that she'd jump the customer's ass over it.

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