Why do women act they only get autoimmune disorders

Pretty much every woman I’ve met has had either an autoimmune disorder or psychological disorder. The only outliers are my sister and my girlfriend (really.)

But perhaps I’m ignorant or are women just more prone to those disorders? I’ve never heard of a guy saying he has early onset arthritis, fibromyalgia, anxiety or bipolar.

Are women just that unlucky?

Oh, there’s not many autistic women but I guess they’re under diagnosed, those poor things.

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  • 1WeirdGuy

    A lot of young ppl have victim complexes. Most of them will grow out of it. A lot of the diagnosed conditions are just normal traits of being human. Everyone has anxiety and has mood swings when they live a stressful life.

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  • kikilizzo

    Every single man i've ever met has suffered from generalized anxiety disorder or depression or both including most men in my family being mentally ill lmao...
    As for physical conditions like arthritis, women are more prone to getting those as far as I know. We are also more prone to hormonal imbalances which can cause all sorts of symptoms, both physical and psychological, and often hormone disorders are hard to diagnose properly and can go undetected for many years especially since womens issues in general tend to not get taken seriously by medical professionals so they don't bother investigating the symptoms. Very often you'll go to a doctor and they will brush off how you feel by saying you are just stressed.

    In my experience the only difference between men and women at least when it comes to mental health is that us women tend to actually take responsibility for it and go to therapy so we can learn about how we function in order to become more stable, whereas men surpress how they feel and just let their mental illness symptoms go out over their loved ones and doesn't care about getting better or taking any kind of responsibility for their own lives.

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  • LloydAsher

    Women are slightly more prone to psychiatric disorders. Mainly due to them being naturally more social in nature.

    Not saying men dont get the disorders either it's just that men tend to bottle it up.

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    • AsterBean

      I don't think it's social as much as it's a natural phenomenon. Women's hormones fluctuate with their cycle and so many things contribute to that being thrown off balance. Men's hormones fluctuate naturally as well, but not to the same extent as a woman's.

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  • Ligeia

    Most anyone has a "psychiatric disorder" according to the DSMV...women tend to put more stock in psychiatry.

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  • AsterBean

    Do you think women believe men aren't afflicted with autoimmune disorders? Women are also more likely to go to the doctor.

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