Why do people blame god when they can't get laid?

It's always the same story in these parts of town. Some asshat says they want to wait till marriage to have sex. There's nothing wrong with that. It's a fine choice. However...

Society likes instant gratification nowadays. So by waiting until marriage they already put themselves at a huge disadvantage. Because of that disadvantage it usually means...

If they're ugly, they gotta work on toning up and looking good to attract someone.

If they're socially awkward, they gotta work on their social skills so they can be interesting to someone.

If they're searching, they gotta search in a wholesome place like a church, library, or volunteer group.

If they're broke they gotta make that money.

None of these asshats make the effort to change their appearance, fix their social skills, or their financial status. They also look for dates in bars, parties, and nightclubs where horny people want instant gratification that the asshats can't deliver.

Then when the asshats get to their mid 20's early 30's they get bitter due to the fact that they were always dumped by someone, they're not married, and everyone else they know has a happy family or sex life. They feel old, washed up, and hopeless.

They go through their list of people and things to blame. At some point God comes up as the one they blame.

If they actually made the effort they needed to make, they would've met that special someone but nope. It's not the asshats fault, it's God's.

These people are such a bummer to hang around.

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  • Anonnet

    Okay, so I walked in and saw not one, but TWO comments both praising Andrew Tate. When did this become IsItAndrewTate.com? I went ahead and typed "andrew tate helped me" into Google, in quotes, and the few results I got were from teenagers who said his advice helped them through suicide and depression. Nothing about getting laid.

    Here's an idea. Maybe people should get "BE A MAN" advice from real men and not shysters. Perhaps someone who doesn't need to be qualified and excused every time they're brought up because they don't have trafficking allegations. I don't know where we could find anyone like this-, oh they're actually super easy to find, it's just that most of them aren't getting tons of bad press, so their names aren't as immediately recognizable.

    Geez, you guys.

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    • ospry

      who tf mentioned andrew tate?

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  • 1WeirdGuy

    Andrew Tate was annoying and came off as a huge douche but thats one thing I liked about andrew tate getting so big on social media is his message was the cold hard truth that men not being competitive is the reason for incels. Theres no other person out there telling these unfortunate men the reality of their situation and not everyone has a father to teach them how it works. Everyone mainstream is just "Show ppl you have a good heart. Do what makes you happy." but unfortunately thats not enough. You have to better yourself to get the things you want. Nothing is handed to you.

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