Why americans and westerners wipe?

Why Americans and Westerners wipe their asshole after shitting. I feel that it is extremely unhygienic to do so? We always wash.

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  • ospry

    A lot westerners find it expensive and unnecessary to install an entire fixture in your bathroom dedicated solely to cleaning your asshole. Also a lot more time consuming than wiping

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    • Fishtikka

      Entire Fixtures/appliances homes have in Western Countries:
      1) Taps -For water
      2) Dishwashers- For cleaning dishes
      3) AC's - to keep home cool
      4) Ovens- For cooking
      5) Microwaves- For heating food!!!
      6) Fridge- to store food/milk

      Do you see where Im going with this? A Bidet/Jet spray is hardly a cost to incur, besides its going to CLEAN you up &
      it will also keep you smell/skid mark/butt-Acne Free !

      Still too much to buy?

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