When someone tries to purposely make you angry?

This person always tries to make me angry because I always get in trouble. They NEVER are held accountable. It's always me. "What did you do to make them so angry??" I don't do anything!! Like if I'm in the kitchen, they come in and do random shit and walk around me, purposely getting in my way, because they know it makes me angry. Now they're starting to wait for me in the kitchen.They purposely don't leave me be for 5 seconds. I'm fed up

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  • kikilizzo

    I just zone out if someone tries to get a reaction out of me. Done that since childhood. It gets boring quickly to the person then.

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  • RoseIsabella

    Don't let the trolls get your goat!

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    • Holzman_67

      Yeah don’t feed the trolls!

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  • ThatOneGuyYouNeverWantToMeet

    My 4th ex was like that & it would make her angry when I would smile & talk sweetly to her when she did it.

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  • Pinkpickle

    Ignore them. It will annoy them greatly. There is just something incredibly satisfying knowing that somebody is trying to annoy you but only managing to annoy themselves.

    That sounds kind of vindictive now that I've typed it out lol.

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  • SkullsNRoses

    They are doing this because they want your angry reaction. Focus on not giving it to them, be as polite and boring as possible, eventually they will look elsewhere to cause drama. Remember they’re the sad one here, waiting around in the kitchen to fight with you because they have no friends to talk to and nothing better to do is pretty pathetic.

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  • Chudders

    Be stoic about it. You can only control how something makes you feel, not how something or someone behaves. It's out of your control, let them be pathetic it's not your problem or your fault. Accept it and move on and they will gain no satisfaction from it.

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  • raisinbran

    You should react to them because they are trying to get your attention and they probably have mental issues. You don't want to be stabbed in your sleep for ignoring them.

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