When a woman asks you out, do you think she must be desperate?

I keep hearing that guys don't like it when women make the first move. Men would not take a woman seriously if she asked him out. You might think she's desperate or being "too easy". Is this how men normally usually think? That women who make the first move are "desperate" and "unwanted" so they must be "low value"?

Asking this here because it's not about relationships. It's just about dating and getting to know people. Like asking someone out on a first date. Do you normally or usually think a woman is desperate if she's the one to ask the man out?

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  • ospry

    Women tell themselves the stupidest things that have absolutely no basis

    Why do men find periods disgusting? I've literally never met a man who was grossed out by a woman's period

    Why are men threatened when their girlfriend/wife earns more than them? We aren't. Or rather, only an incomprehensibly small percentage of men are

    Men don't like it when women make the first move. What the fuck? Since when have guys not liked receiving attention from an interested woman?

    Women have invented so many weird copes that make no sense

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    • litelander8

      Wierdguy is grossed out by periods. Lol. I’ve never personally met someone who was grossed out by em.

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    • To be fair, I mostly get this feedback from men. Like...they will like the attention they get, but that's about it. They don't see me as "girlfriend material" because they think I was too easily accessible at the beginning. So then they won't even give me a chance. They dismiss me because they decided me making the first move made me look desperate. That's literally what they said.

      I thought then... maybe I should try again? With another guy. Maybe I just accidentally bumped into one idiot. But this keeps happening. So now I wonder if it's maybe my forwardness that is throwing men off. Maybe men really do prefer to be the pursuer?

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      • Grunewald

        Could it depend on the kind of guy you are going for?

        The kind of guys I like are so shy that I would probably have to make the first move if I wanted anything to happen.

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  • JellyBeanBandit

    If any guy did think that, then they wouldn't be boyfriend material.

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  • litelander8

    I’ve heard the exact opposite.

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  • Holzman_67

    With all these things I think that really depends on the level of mutual attraction

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  • YE

    Most shy men would welcome the gesture. The risk being that you wouldn't know for sure.. in the immediate term, if they went with it because they were actually interested in your personality, or if it was simply as a result of their desperate situation.

    Most (understanding) confident men would at least try to make it less hard for you to sort of "qualify" to be with them if you've already earned enough points with your bold attitude and they like that about you.

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  • EnglishLad

    Some guys do prefer to be the pursuer, but that's a very select few men. The vast majority (I would estimate around 80%) of us, are apathetic to dating - dealing with rejection constantly throughout your formative years kind of solidifies a negative self image - and some of us have basically decided we straight up give up on approaching women at all in case we catch a charge off of a false accusation. This means women need to fill the void if they actually want a man.

    It's kind of sad, really.

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  • kikilizzo

    That's how insecure men with a fragile masculinity would see it, yes, because they want an insecure woman who would never dare to make a decision. Normal men though typically likes when a woman makes the first move as they find it attractive and a relief that they do not always have to do everything just because they are men.

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  • darefu

    It depends on how she follows it up. If she asks and then on the first date drops her pants or raises her skirt to ask if you like her thong or lack there of. That's a little desperate and may be a good FB, but not sure many men will see her as ltr or take her home to mom.

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  • tozergrate

    Not a problem. I was shy so she made the move. Why not?

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  • ThatOneGuyYouNeverWantToMeet

    You'd have to be to ask me out.

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  • Tommythecaty

    No, poor intuition perhaps 😂

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