What's more ideal for a relationship?

A) Your partner and you have nearly everything in common and get along well but they have incredibly annoying siblings that you have to see every other month and your partner can't make you laugh.

B) Nearly nothing in common other than political views. Has great siblings that you see often and they're as if they're your own. Your partner can almost always make you laugh without trying.

A- 8
B- 11
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Comments ( 3 )
  • kikilizzo

    Option 2. I've never gotten along with or liked people similar to myself, oddly enough we NEVER vibe and even when we have i've secretly hated them and eventually distanced myself entirely. It's also far more interesting to be different.

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    • LloydAsher

      I share very little in common with my fiance besides our joint commitment that we will see eachother in hell. We got a fucked up sort of humor that's hard to harmonize between the sexes.

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  • Wow3986

    Neither. An ideal relationship has manipulation and gaslighting.

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