What makes creed aventus so expensive?

why people pay 450 dollars just for a perfume like creed?
whats so special in it ?

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    People want what they want. If someone wants it badly enough, they'll pay. I am a huge Scotch, and cigar fan. I spend a lot of money on those, though I can afford to. What gets me is when you see people with high end stuff(Designer clothes/gear, th newest IPhone, etc) but live in a shit house, in a shit neighborhood, with a shit car(Or no car). Everyone's priorities are different, though.

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  • Boojum

    As with with almost every product aimed at the luxury end of the market, that's the price simply because there are idiots who are prepared to pay that much. Some are stupid enough to believe that a high price always indicates high quality, but a lot of them just love owning things that poor schmucks can't afford.

    I found these figures breaking down the retail price of a typical bottle of expensive perfume:

    Retailer's Corporate Overheads: 25%
    Retailer's Profit: 15%
    Manufacturer's Overheads: 15%
    Manufacturer Profit: 15%
    Bottle and packaging: 10%
    Marketing: 8%
    Sales Commission (paid to those pretty women with perfect hair and makeup and phoney smiles working at the perfume counter): 6%
    Licensing Fee (if perfume has a celebrity's name on brand): 4%
    Perfume itself: 2%

    Personally, the only way I would have ever considered spending that much on a bottle of smelly stuff is if it contained some sort of magical pheromone that made women go giddy with lust when I walked by them and men eager to obey my every whim.

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  • MonteMetcalfe

    I don't know. The prices on Tom Ford are just as bad.I go to Fragrantica.com and look up similar smelling colognes for less money. They don't sell colognes & perfume it's just just people giving input & opinion.

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