What is better than equate 'mucus er'? i am very congested bronchitis

I take 600mg Mucus ER) congestion seems like it is in my throat, and I can not cough it up. I do use an inhaler too (albuterol)

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  • howaminotmyself

    Find a good lung support tea. Keeping hydrated will help thin the mucous so you can cough it up. Keep the air moist and try steam. Eucalyptus works wonders on the bronchials. Mint can help too as well as licorice root. A salt water gargle should help too. An the old remedy of lemon and honey is a good choice. I've read that adding apple cider vinegar to it will help break up mucous but I haven't tried it personally, usually just stick to honey in licorice tea. Most importanly, stay hydrated.

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