What’s best or favorite kind of hat you wear in public?

Just wondering: What’s your “Go-To” style or kind of hat you wear when you’re in public or with other people? I personally wear just like “Sports baseball caps” or maybe like “Black Flatcap” for hats when I’m not wearing anything sports? What about you? What’s your favorite or personal “hat outfit” you wear? And why is that hat special to you?

Bowler Hat 0
Busboy hat 0
Cowboy hat 0
Panama Hat 0
I’m not much of a hat person myself. 8
Something else (not on this list) 0
Flatcaps 1
Trilby hat 1
Regular baseball cap (regardless of what is says or has on it) 6
Fedora hat 0
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Comments ( 17 )
  • megadriver

    I don't normally wear hats, unless it's very cold, I'm out fishing and I need a cap to shield myself from the sun, or I'm driving a boat.

    For boating, I have my dad's old captain's hat. It looks cool.

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  • Tommythecaty

    Why my people hat of course.

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  • up_my_ass_boiz

    greek sailor's cap - it was my grandfather's

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  • litelander8

    Ball cap for work. Large straw hats for leisure.

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  • Bassmachine

    My thinking cap.😐

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  • dirtybirdy

    The more I say and read the word 'hat' makes it seem like less of a word...anyway, I used to wear a few different types, as well as bandanas. I'm usually in a hoodie, but I do have a smaller than baseball style hat that's camo, I love that one. Or just a woolie of its super cold.

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  • Cuntsiclestick

    I used to wear all those kinds of hats. Then I was told that wearing hats everyday can make a person go bald, so I stopped for the most part. XD

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  • StrawberryLollipop

    Hats are amazing
    I have in fact made a hat club
    If you wanna join it go ahead, we dont really do anything
    The only requirements are to wear hats sometimes and like hats
    I smell popcorn

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  • LloydAsher

    Whatever baseball cap that I have at hand. Mostly my navy ship hat. The military loves collectable memorabilia. Somehow lost my lighter, damn that's gone forever.

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  • Tinybird

    I have a woollen hat that is the same kind of shape as a baseball cap Idk what it's called.

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  • raisinbran

    Cap or hoodie.

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  • Somenormie

    Whenever it's summer I always wear my straw hat.

    I guess you could say I'm king of the pirates.

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  • donteatstuffoffthesidewalk

    im not really a hat guy

    i wear a watch cap when its cold out

    i got a fur bomber hat but it makes the dingo mad when i wear it

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  • Curiouskitten444

    My go to are toques and heanies when it's cooler and bucket hats in summer.

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  • howaminotmyself

    I like beanies when it's cold or flat top baseball caps to keep the sun off my eyes.

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  • RoseIsabella

    I'm glad that you made a distinction between the fedora, and trilby!

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  • 1WeirdGuy

    Just a 5 dollar tractor supply hat thats black and white

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