What’re y’all doing for halloween?

Are you decorating?
Are dressing up and walking around?
Are you going to parties?
Decorating the altar?
Dressing the yard?

I had set on being something. But I still can’t remember what it was.

I saw a scarf on my table and decided it would make a good Gypsy/ fortune teller. So I stormed my closet and consulted those closest to me. Refused their requests and figured an outfit. It was mostly for work so I neglected their opinions.

5 other people showed up in costume. I felt like an ass.

I had to make balsamic dressing and ranch. And sweep and clean bathrooms. I’m such garb.

I put make up on. Jewelry all over. Fucking mayonnaise. Fucking sauce.

Was it “fun”?

The Goddamn kids all had their own pumpkins. My eldest was too ill. My middle is a little useless. I wound up with THREE pumpkins to carve.

It’s not even fun anymore.
I looked cool.
The pumpkins are fucking amazing (Bc of me)

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Comments ( 3 )
  • CDmale4fem

    Some day again, probably on a halloween night would like to try going out again like I did 20 years ago. I had a female friend talk me into coming downtown to a bar. Actually it was what she talked me into wearing, and that was a first for me in public in pantyhose a dress and I even had the fake boobs. It felt great walking down the sidewalk with the cool air blowing up under the dress. That was about 70 pounds ago. I would not do it now until I can shed some weight.

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  • Tommythecaty

    You are complaining about making sauce.

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  • Cuntsiclestick

    This question appeared on the site quite late it seems. The filters on this place are weird. XD

    But anyway, my boyfriend and I dressed as villagers from Animal Crossing. We went to the mall, shopped at some stores, and we had dinner at a nice restaurant. We got a few compliments on our costumes. It was fun.

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