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I'm stuck in being ordinary but the music I listen to isn't ordinary, not really, how many times do you hear soul music, blues music, or xuefeng music on the radio? Hardly ever.

I stopped at music, and not other unpopular things like dressing weird, strange food, or mocktail I haven't heard of.

It happens to be the celebration of my life listening to soul hits like "September", and "Lady Marmalade", it lifts my spirits, makes me better in a world where nothing is better.

But all this thinking I'm not normal is just the music, I can't stand popular music. You don't see B.B. King on lunch boxes, nor do you get Ray Charles t-shirts. That's how this music doesn't really appeal to a normal, everyday man.

Having sol Cubano or rhumba music play standoffish in formal assemblies is really my idea of a nice time to spend a late evening, not rock, disco, funk, pop, or groove, I don't know about funk music, is smelly music supposed to sound good? It smells like funk to me. What do you think? Do you think these uncommon tracks deserve more credit than people give them credit for, or should they be left on the shelves when nobody cares?

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