This happened at work today

I'm at the lockers, putting on my backpack and getting ready to leave for the day at work and one of my co-workers goes up to me and asks for a ride home.

I told her "Sorry but I have to take my mother to her doctors appointment".

She says "what kind of old adult can't drive a fucking car!?

I say "Ask yourself that, dipshit."

She then says "I could slap you so hard"

I put down my stuff, take off my sleeveless red hoodie and say "okay, you want to fight, let's go."

She slinked back into her seat and said "ok ok I'll stop"

I grab my stuff and I leave. I did indeed manage get my mother to her appointment on time. I was already cutting it close because of the location I chose to work in that day. Was the co-workers reaction to me normal?

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  • libertybell

    She sounds really rude. A lot of people cannot drive. I tried to learn,but my autism got in the way.

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