Things as they are, the circumstances

You won't believe what a shock life is, as a matter of truth, you'll believe everything's going rosy, when reality hits you, you'll know it's not pretty pictures, life's a frustrating, festering thing you never asked for, who's the one making these dreadful decisions.

What I'll dare to ask right now, is life that thing you accept, or are you so ignorant as to be drenched in bullshit?

I think the circumstances are dire, it's a touch of absolute evil, a touch of an unwanted extreme, I think things aren't going to get better, I can't make things better, my fate in the hands of a goddess is decided what my gifts are, I think of all the assurance in the world I'm not the lucky one getting anything nice, is it or is it not okay for there to be evil circumstances?

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  • aubzilla

    I have a quote I read the other day, and I feel that it sums up or atleast relates to your point really well.

    "Life is very short, so it is very miserable; and therefore it is well it is short"
    - Jeremy Taylor

    In a world full of pain and evil, an ending at all is a good circumstance.

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    • normal-rebellious

      It sounds good to me, ending, I think myself should end, that is going through all I go through and my work's done.

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