The only thing stopping me from downloading windows 11. fsx/fail

...It only recognizes it as a trial version. (and its a full paid version). Microsoft fsx , maybe the new version 2020 flight simulator will work? ??

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  • Mark92

    Windows 11 is trash and slow and forces you to get SSD and deliberately slows down your programs that runs perfectly on Windows 10. Microsoft has an undercover deal with SSD companies to make Windows 11 have such high system requirements and run slows on PCs operating without SSD, and they keep trying to force people to upgrade to Windows 11 which is trash, my pc my choiuce what to run, i just need an OS that can run my programs perfectly which Windows XP did best but has now been unsupported, anyway when Windows 10 expires I switch to Linux for good!

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  • donteatstuffoffthesidewalk

    i like to do simulated drug runs from colombia through bahamas and into florida on fsx

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