The nature of society

Do you see by now that society's normal? That is, it's common, and done in an acceptable way, with a few arseholes being annoying (whatever they think is acceptable, an arsehole doesn't mean to be annoying).

People eating in cafes, people ordering hot pasta, people ordering hotdogs in Wendy's. I won't say very much but I'm pretty sure in the clothes and watches and headwear they wear they're normal people, who get on the bus and use their cellphones, and who wear beanies and warm jumpers in the cold winters, and who go out to shops buying tumbler glasses and mugs, drinking tea, and not caring what the mugs look like. Prepared for doom there's going to be an angry woman yet, or an angry man, embarrassingly getting angry and being addicted to it, wanting to kill someone, and that's terrible, those men who punch other men are animals, and are pseudo-blokes when a real man doesn't hit people.

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