Taylor swift thinks babies are sexy

taylor swift says in her new song that all babies are sexy, why has she not been cancelled yet?

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  • jackstormwater

    It is a weird line, but I think she means “baby” like the slang “babe.”

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  • litelander8

    Lol. Did y’all see that TikTok of all the girls who saw Taylor swift loading on to the subways? Hilarious.

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  • SaddleGoose

    Probably because it's used for metaphoric purposes rather than literal purposes. People get cringe trying to sound enlightened with poetry and make some stupid comparisons that if taken literally is a big "Yikes" moment but if done metaphorically is nothing more than cringe.

    I doubt Taylor Swift genuinely refers to actual babies as "sexy". If she did, obviously that would justifiably raise a few eyebrows.

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