Starting pepper plants

My seedling pepper plants popped through the ground a week ago and have not grown any since.. why? ky/ind germination-bed

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  • Because you touch yourself at night.

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  • I’m just glad to see a post about plants. Plant fan here. Yay plants!

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  • Take a dump in the flower pot. Its got alot of germs so it germinates it nicely.

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    • I dont know if the OP is growing actual pepper plants or pepper corns.

      Peppercorns are on my list of plants to grow when I get a greenhouse. If society falls i still want pepper.

      Maybe I'll start a YouTube channel. Pepper prepper.

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  • Assuming you are in the us growing peppers is very climate specific. Most of the us doesnt get warm enough to properly grow pepper. If you are growing in a greenhouse you need to step up how warm it is in there. If not google it.

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  • Hard to say without seeing it or knowing the conditions. Could be the soil. Is it quality soil? Maybe try an organic fertizer. Let it dry out completely before watering again and keep the soil warm. Peppers need warm temperatures to grow well and if it's cold, they will grow slowly.

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  • Too wet, too dry, mold, fungus? Could be many things.

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