Someone asks for my opinion then shuts me down?

This person always asks for my opinion or advice, but then they ALWAYS shut it down or tell me I'm wrong. Makes me feel like they do it on purpose and set me up to embarrass me. Would someone actually do that? Why bother asking me if you literally always disagree with me?

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  • radar

    If it’s someone you’re on good terms with and like, I would point that out to them in case they aren’t aware of it or don’t know it’s bothering you.

    I would also maybe ask them next time, if the situation were flipped and you were the one asking them for advice, what they would tell you. And whatever that is, is probably the answer they really want.

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    • It's a coworker. I feel like they don't like me for whatever reason. I've never had a problem with them, but they're very argumentative with me.

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  • bbrown95

    I've had people do this to me too, and I think they are insecure and trying to make people look/feel dumb or inferior makes them feel better about themselves, or they think it will make them look smart in front of others (though it actually just makes them look like an ass).

    When people do this, I just ask, "If you already had your answer, why did you even ask?"

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  • Chudders

    So then don't give your opinion, or better yet, stop associating with this retard.

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  • RoseIsabella

    Maybe the person is a narcissist who has a complete lack of insight?

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