Some normal people live an æsthetic way of life

All along when I was pseudo-fancy, pseudo-æsthetic, I was doing the æsthetic fake, I can't say it's "wrong", because no one's way of life is wrong.

It's a matter of partial following of Kierkegaard without being religious about it.

Problems start when you're religious about things, so let's change back to the original subject.

The æsthetic life involves the reading and watching of Shakespeare, the listening to Mozart, and the smoking of a cigar.

Under the quilt I go disliking life, yet the poet didn't want to die, I'm as much a fool as that man who all he wanted was fine things, for I despise derelict men who give me no respect, and avenge myself upon them.

I gave up democratic purism, for I despise language other than my prestige.

As a prestige purist it's not about these everyday words that my dad recognises and knows the meanings of, it's about formalities and æsthetic language.
In conclusion I shall get myself a glass of wine and indulge in ultragourmet food, simply because I want to, because this way of life is doing superior things, since I pursue greatness in the sense of being grandiose and aristocratic, that should be much more complicated than the two words combined, I always wanted to be grandiose and do it right.

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  • i understand this i just know my limitations in a religious sense

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  • Yes it's true I live an æsthetic life, and I'm not a Puritan anymore, it's the death of a boss, that means Scotism's taking over and since I can obey what I want I can do all the goodwill, helpfulness & grace and freedom to do what I want that I want.

    My æsthetic life speaks for itself, if it causes trouble, so what! The main thing is living that way lest anyone quells a belief of mine, I will despise and avenge all men, what does a man know about life?

    Is this how you measure a man's life? Attack until you snuff the survival of a belief?
    Probably not, to be extremely frank I should pull my head out my arse, live in despair and appreciate art exactly how I was when I started with Kierkegaard in the first place!

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  • Yay! Now we can unsinfully read and watch Shakespeare! In the theatre and in the theater!I'll read lines with you if you want. I LOVE reading theater!

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  • your weekly another epiphany about food philosophy & esthetics hans

    youve come to a profound realization that youre gonna keep doin things the same way

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    • One suggestion, keep being as straightforward and direct with your subtle way of always "correcting" me, it's not correction, your pseudo-correction is ridiculously similar to me not correcting you.

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      • im not correctin you hans im merely amused that you seem to consider microscopic weekly shifts in attitude about food & clothes to be life alterin reinventions of yourself

        keep bein you

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        • Yeh, I see, these aren't reinventions other than disbelief of everything, my former beliefs, and disbelief of god, but I'm to the point where I feel bliss from mindf***ery telling me you're not correcting me.

          If a thing is present it exists, it's objective, but it's also subjective, if it merely exists and is just displayed for everyone to see, it causes suspicion and people wanna take it down, on the other hand to achieve real success take the pain 🎭 necessary to achieve your consistency on account of what you want, and get money so you buy the clothes to look like what you are.

          First principles: to take your advice, myself to discipline myself to never change in a way that isn't annoying, to make up my mind, and simply use the past to influence my present and future. 😎

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