Question for the girls here

I've always been curious about thongs, my gf wear them often,it sure looks nice, but does not look comfortable at all. I mean, do you wear them every day for example to go to work where you are going to get stressed/mad,does it feels comfortable do wear it all day long?

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  • Pinkpickle

    You probably wanted a more in depth answer didn't you? I'll try but I'm not great at describing.

    There's so little fabric that it doesn't really shift around and it scrunches up way way less.

    The small amount of fabric also makes you feel freedom. Like the fabric is limited to only covering up the spots that really matter so it allows for the ultimate freedom of movement.

    Is anything I'm saying making sense or do I just sound stupid lol.

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    • dude_Jones

      Yes. I’m a guy, and your description makes it sound like they never slip off, always stay in place and let your skin feel your outer clothing moving around. Plus they are a bit naughty.

      It must be a celebration of something just to wear one.

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  • Pinkpickle

    I've never found them uncomfortable. In fact I think they are more comfortable, and they don't show underwear lines.

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  • Cuntsiclestick

    I used to wear them at work but somewhere along the way they got uncomfortable. I just wear normal panties for the most part now and I wear my thongs in the bedroom. XD

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  • JuicyTho

    As a female with a big ass I tried a thong one time and not for me. Perpetual wedgies are not good for my mental health lmao. I feel like theres no point in a thong, if its for no knicker lines then I just wouldnt wear underwear. The coverage is so little as to be almost completely meaningless. Its like putting a tiny helmet on your penis attached to a string up your ass.

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  • Curiouskitten444

    I think thongs are uncomfortable. I can feel the string in there no matter the thickness.

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  • ospry

    They don't leave much to the imagination

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  • Tinybird

    never worn one, and tbh I never wear underwear either.

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  • LloydAsher

    Not a female, but I've been told a thong is more comfortable.

    As a guy I can imagine this is so because they dont have a package to awkwardly stuff into a semi breathable pocket.

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