Question for anyone who plays runescape

I cannot access my account and I dont know how can I ask for help I tried to look at subreddit for runescape but I hate reddit they have rules against asking for help they are basically hitler over there sorry.
It says my account has suspicious activity and when I try to recover it says my request cannot be processed.
I try to recover from my username I do not remember if runescape is one of the games which has 1 username for login and 1 username for account ??? I went to the runescape page online to search my character name and it says no such member soooo. I do not know which email I used either I have very many emails adresses and ive made multiple runescape account since I was a teenager and I have probably 3.
I got a hit on one of my adresses from runescape it sent me a different email adress of mine and said "you have accounts linked to this email address" so I went and requested what account is linked to it but got no response !!! So it lied to me or something... Anyways I cant get in

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