People who make their relationship their personality

How come some people make having a partner their entire personality?
Ive seen some people always have a profile picture of them kissing their partner and their partners name with a bunch of hearts in their bio, then if you scroll down their profile theres only pictures of the two of them together and they comment all of each others posts with heart emojis and stuff like "love you baby!!β€β€πŸ˜˜πŸ€—πŸ˜". I cant help but think these people have really toxic relationships because they try so hard to show everyone how happy they are. What happens if such a couple breaks up? They will lose the thing they have based their entire personality on. I can imagine they quickly jump to a new relationship.
In my town a few years ago there was an infamous couple like that. They would keep breaking up and getting back together and everyone knew of them because they would always post in a local Anonymous app, posts directed at each other and signing them with the tryhard cute nicknames they had for each other and the woman would always rage at everyone. They also had each others cutsey nicknames tattooed over their entire arms... people would make fun of them because it was obvious they were miserable in reality and as it turns out they were. Shame about those tattoos I guess. Seen the guy on tinder before and I was like nope lol, no drama for me. 🀣

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  • Cuntsiclestick

    Normal. I've seen people mostly do this with relationships, a fandom, religion, parenthood, political affiliation, and their sexuality. There's nothing wrong with having interests and fun in ones life, but the second they make that one thing the ONLY thing they're about, they just become boring, (possibly pretentious), one dimensional people .

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  • Millie_the_evil_saint

    If it's just a social media picture, or some PDA, I think nothing of it. I actually find it sweet that people can be affectionate with each other without needing to hide. Also when friends are sweet to each other. It can be nice and wholesome.

    If it's excessive or you notice an extreme shift in behavior or like they're only ever talking about their partner... And if this persists after the honeymoon phase... Then something is psychologically not okay with them. Low self esteem maybe? They need so desperately to belong to some group or get validation from everyone thinking they are in a relationship. Or they are lonely maybe. This seems to be more common among women I think. Because women are encouraged to care about relationships and how they are perceived: wear make up, do their nails and hair... read Romance novels... It's not a guy thing. A lot of women are negatively impacted by this societal pressure to focus on love and romance.

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  • darefu

    I wish I knew what causes this, I have a close friend that's in her 40s. She for some reason didn't really have much of a boy friend in high school and I think was kind of bullied or teased by the other girls or thought something must be wrong with her because of it. (She was cute and athletic, slim build)

    After graduation she became a chameleon. Every guy she has been with, ltr or short, she changes her personality to blend with them. It's so obvious and at times she actually seems very unhappy, but say something to her and she gets defensive. When she's between guys she seems to revert back to her normal bubbly self but almost bipolar, if she starts thinking about guys again she almost becomes obsessed with needing one in her life.

    If I could only figure out how to help her just be herself and be happy with who she is.

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  • Iambillythemenacetosociety

    Well, when you aren't interesting but you wanna be interesting, you'll pick anything you can think of to try to seem interesting. It ends of backfiring though.

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  • ospry

    If you see a couple like that, there's a very high likelihood that they both have Ashley Madison accounts and know about each other's but pretend not to

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