Parents who dont want you to have fun

Every time me and my cousins go out somewhere (to eat for example) one of them always mentions that we should bring some for our parents back home. At first I found this normal because she didn't want them to feel left out or just something nice to do.

But then, me and my cousins decided to plan to travel and we were about to book our tickets hotels and then the same person mentions that maybe we should bring our parents because she "doesnt want to hear them complain about them not going with us." everybody was against it but also started to feel bad because we dont want to leave them out.

However, IDK is this normal? Her wanting them to come just because they will complain about feeling left out+ us not bringing them. We dont like bringing them to places because theyre super negative and complain a lot. Plus we just want a girls vacation out without the moms. We're all adults so Im not sure how to feel about this.

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  • RoseIsabella

    I don't think that is normal.

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  • SkullsNRoses

    That cousin sounds like she has a difficult relationship with her mother. It’s not normal to be jealous every time your child has fun without you and certainly not normal to want to go on a young adult trip with your daughter and her friends where you’re going to be the oldest by 20+ years (I assume?).

    Hold firm and don’t invite parents if you don’t want them there, as JellyBean said they probably have a very different idea of what constitutes a fun holiday. Suggest your cousin plan her own trip with her mum.

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  • JellyBeanBandit

    I don't see why you should feel like you have to bring them. They probably wouldn't be interested in the same kind of holiday as you anyway. They can plan their own holiday with all the other parents.

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