Other places people dont talk much

I like to chat with strangers a bit when I am out. I'll have a quick conversation with the cashier like today I was telling the gas station lady how I'm excited because I'm gonna go drink whiskey later. Ill just have conversations with everyone about anything.

Lately I've been traveling more and I have always lived in my own small bubble in a southern state and havent seen the world. I have noticed when I go to other states up north or far west people generally look at me like I'm weird when I do this. I can tell with their eyes the way they look at me like they think I'm really odd. Sometimes I get the feeling they are even suspicious of me. Ive even had them get angry at me when I am trying to be polite (told someone Merry Christmas and helped someone move something once in new york) I didnt know that some people in my country were less talkative or maybe I am weird and ppl where I live just put up with me. I honestly dont feel like I come off as that weird though when I talk to people.

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  • Ligeia

    Honestly here in the Midwest it's hit or miss, most people are fine with this but some will give you the cold shoulder.

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  • noid

    It’s a southern thing OP.

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  • Meatballsandwich

    If you think it's bad there, then you've never been to Scandinavia. People here literally NEVER speak to strangers. The concept of small-talk is practically nonexistant, and at bus-stops, you have to keep a distance of atleast 5 feet to other people. The only time people here are remotely social is when they're binge-drinking, because drinking just 2 beer cans is never enough for people here.

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