Offensive “woke” paint advert

This advert came on TV the other night before 9pm. Many people have complained online that it is offensive for depicting a woman who doesn’t want motherhood changing her mind on a dime and implying that she sleeps around as her partner is “just hoping that [the baby’s] his”.

This outdated attitude is especially bizarre as the diverse young cast of narrators and illegal rave reference suggests they were trying to appeal to young lefties.

What do you think of it?

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  • I don't like it or hate it. It comes off as too artsy for me. What exactly is the "outdated attitude" here, anyway? It's outdated for men to expect their partner is staying faithful and that he's the child's biological father? It's outdated to get pregnant and NOT abort it? Anyone who's offended by this ad is looking for reasons to be offended

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  • I don't see that commercial as a big deal.

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