What has become of IIN?

WHat have you people made of this site? I'm so disappointed in 75% of you.

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  • Tommythecaty

    I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

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    • bigbudchonger

      Great movie

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  • Jh9856

    I don't know how long you have been here, but a couple years ago this site was crawling with p3d0s,fucktards and all sort of creepy weird ass psychopaths. I think now this site is pretty chill.

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    • Anonnet

      Not the OP, but there no longer being any predators, fucktards, or psychopaths is probably the problem. Place has become a boring circlejerk for 30-somethings.

      Nothing really wrong with the people, just need new blood. I've already posted a thread for all my weird habits, so I'm only still here to see what's interesting with others, but there isn't much. Front page right now? The afterlife, men who like girls, and flatulence. The craziest thing happening on the site right now is Jaiden Animations, which is chill, yeah, but kinda sad given the name of the site.

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  • SaddleGoose

    The site is essentially dead except for a few to make a small community of regulars and alts of regulars. It is what it is. xD

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  • StrawberryLollipop

    Honestly, a lot of it is trolls-- some people like it, some dont! But I find it funny to see, the mix of actual answers, troll answers, and troll sounding answers that are real (or questions too)

    Its quite entertaining to me, but I do understand what you're getting at. Sometimes I agree it can be too much, with like self harm jokes and the homophobia/transphobia-

    Maybe thats just me, though lolz

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  • Bassmachine

    I don't post often so don't look at me.🤷‍♂️

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  • RoseIsabella

    I like it here. Reddit feels somewhat constipated. 🚽💩

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    • ospry

      Reddit is just socially acceptable cyber bullying

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  • litelander8

    I really love it here. Some of you, I’m ashamed of. And some I really feel for. It makes me feel human.

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