Obligated to know what youre talking about

If someone makes a bold claim but when you question them for details out of curiousity, they tell you to read a certain book they read or give you a youtube video. Shouldnt you be kind of obligated to know what you're talking about if you make a claim? Like you should be able to explain it yourself. If you are so sure of something shouldnt you be able to explain it in detail? Otherwise it looks like you dont understand it well and could be wrong. Its not good to have strong opinions on things you dont know enough about to explain.

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  • PurpleHoneycomb

    Unfortunately, internet culture has forced people to resort to providing sources rather than claims. Social media in particular almost always sees someone inexplicably ask "Source?" after you make a statement.

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  • Ligeia

    Sometimes evidence is necessary not just an explanation

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  • Millie_the_evil_saint

    Not everyone is good at teaching. If we were, then all of us would be teachers.

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  • Tommythecaty

    Read my book for the answer to your questions.

    I don’t think you’re gonna like it though….

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  • Clunk42

    Often times, one will find that another person has already made the argument for something far better than the person who is sharing said thing. For example, St. Thomas Aquinas will always a large variety of things better than I.

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  • Example: "instead of excersise you should for 10 minutes a day breathe in and hold your breathe for 30 seconds a time to be healthy"

    Me: "Hows that healthy?"

    "You need to read the book on Wim Hof"

    Me: "I dont wanna read a book hows it healthy?"

    "You gotta read the book dude!"

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  • SkullsNRoses

    Work smarter not harder, as they say.

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