No, you would not have "made a good marine"

You would not have made a good marine. The fact that you say that you would have is enough evidence to go by. You talk loud at the bar so everyone can hear your opinions about how the youth of today suck because they don't perform their civic duty to go kill Russians because they are brainwashed by their professors and communist cable news channels that nobody under the age of 50 watches. You have had 2 Miller Lites and you're already getting aggressive with people. You are a 62yo man who works as an administrative assistant at the local plastic factory. You want to bring back the draft, but also think kids these days are too weak and corrupted by gender skullduggery or whatever to be functioning adults. You want to send a generation of people who are too chickenshit to make a phone call to a foreign country to kill or be killed. Your overconfidence in what a great marine you would have been would be expected in some dumb kid with an invincibility complex, but is just disheartening in a man your age.

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  • SkullsNRoses

    Next time you see me at the bar come and say this shit to my 62-year-old face and I’ll show you how I would have fought in the marines you dang piss-pants keyboard warrior snowflake. I need another drink.

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    • KholatKhult

      Another round for my 62 year old friend here, they just got off a very long shift at the local plastic factory

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      • Please be certain to water down his already-watery beer, I think he's reached his limit.

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  • Dear Diary,


    [ ] Sassy
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    [x] Girl, Let Me Tell You

    OMG sum1 on the internet made a smartass comment on my post. liek, NO. omg u taek that elsewhere, ur just like that bitch cindy, or AMY from skool, who's dating Roger rite now, FUCK U Amy I h8 u!!!

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  • 1234tellmethatyoulovememore

    Who are you talking to?

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