Never got to do any activities, only "girl" stuff

I'm entering my 30s and never got to go bowling or do any real activities.The most I ever got to do with other people is going to Sephora, nail salons, and other "girl" stuff. Makes me really start to hate makeup.. On the rare occasions hanging around a guy, only going to movies which I'm not crazy about cause it's just too much like sitting in front of the TV at home, only on a larger scale. I go to amusement parks alone to ride roller coasters or attend concerts alone. I'd really love to go bowling for the first time and TopGolf, but absolutely noone wants to. It was hard enough when I was younger but at my age, it's extremely hard to find anyone to go with. While you can ride roller coasters alone, it would be depressing for me to bowl alone with no one to play against. I really wanted to go to an escape room, but the people running the place told me that a minimum of two people is required, and I can't do it solo..I tried many times to invite the people around me to do these activities, but they always carry on how they don't want to do anything physically demanding, and why can't we just go to a spa or something like that. I'm very sad about what I missed out on. I need activites. Oh well, at least I can ride my bike alone....

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  • RoseIsabella

    Download the application, and look for bowling meetup groups.

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  • olderdude-xx

    Your frustrations are normal.

    Should you happen to live in Eastern Wisconsin I'd be willing to do some casual actives with you (my wife allows me to do such things - and you can meet her too); if you don't mind that I'm old enough to be your father.

    On the bowling, it would break my current status of only having bowled in Cuba (Guantanamo Bay when I was in the US Navy). But, I'm sure we would have fun.

    Otherwise: I suggest that you join some activity groups in your area that do things that you are or may be interested in. You will meet people who would be willing to do other casual activities with you.

    I wish you the best with this.

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