Neighbours agressive rottweiler dog

One of my neighbours has an agressive rottweiler dog. The young woman who owns it never walks it anywhere. She just walks out to the parking lot and stands there with it. The rottweiler gets agressive all the time. One time I didnt see them because she was standing behind some bushes with it so I got the biggest shock when suddenly the rottweiler jumps towards me barking and growling like crazy from the bushes. The woman kept yelling insults at the dog while pulling on the leash so hard that she was leaning backwards almost falling over. Ive since seen that she actively avoids going near people with the rottweiler. So many times she has had to hold the rottweiler back because someone walked past her when shes walking it and she has to pull the leash so hard she almost falls over everytime.
Yesterday I saw her walk it and it looked like it was trying to attack her. It started trying to bite her arm and then pull the leash out of her hands and maybe it was playing but she did not exactly look relaxed. She looked very nervous and angry. I dont get why people take on dogs like rottweilers and pitbulls. Ive heard so many times about rottweilers and pitbulls suddenly murdering their owners for no reason. They've been bred that way many years ago. They are literally fighting dogs, it's genetic. All pets need an outlet for what is natural to them genetically and they will make sure they get it if it's not being offered to them.
As if the rottweiler wasnt bad enough ive noticed a woman has moved in to the neighbourhood who is so fucking retarded she walks her pitbull without a leash. Its not even legal to not have leash on a dog. She walks the same route as where that woman and her rottweiler stands in the bushes next to the parking lot so now an accident is 100% bound to happen. Welp. Wonder who will win the fight... (i'm rooting for the pitbull !)

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  • Meowypowers

    Oddly enough, the most aggressive dogs tend to be those that aren't propperly vetted between couples. Often the couples' confused energy hurts the animal.

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  • gladdy57

    I think people who like aggressive dogs are not normal. Frankly, anyone who is willing to clean up dog poop in their yard is not normal. My work is limited to a cat litter box.

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  • noid

    I mistrust pitbulls and keep ending up in neighborhoods with them. I have cats and a small dog.­čśČ

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