My incredible idea

So one day I was staring directly at the sun in the Sahara Desert when I had a brilliant idea. So what I could do was I could take the photons coming from the su and compress them to create blocks of light. I carefully squished some sunlight in between my fingers and successfully created a block of light. Then I realized the more photons I squished the brighter the block was. But then a Finnish artist created a sandstorm so I fled to a beach in Mongolia but I was almost run over by a submarine so I went back to my home in North Korea where I made more photon blocks while brainstorming ideas of what to do with them. I could accelerate global warming, I could make the 1000 people MrBeast unblinded blind again. But an amazing idea came to me. One word. Revenge. And I knew exactly who to avenge. So basically pokemon banned porygon from appearing in the anime ever again for some flashing lights he didnt do, so I decided to give Game Freak a taste of their own medicine. By flattening photon blocks and carefully stacking them, I could put the sheets in a box to create a strobe effect so strong anyone who sees it will get a massive seizure. So I'm going to take this box to Game Freak's HQ to pull off the prank of the century. And then I'll blame it on Pikachu.

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  • Ummitsstillme

    Yo dog! Be quiet!

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  • normal-rebellious

    Yes, it's a normal, brilliant idea, got any more?

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