My brother confiscated my guns while i was on vacation

I rent from my parents. My brother got a key from them and took my guns. They have an unhealthy attitude about firearms, basically in their minds you are a bad person and intend to do something bad just by owning one. I want to call the cops and have him arrested cause in his mind he doesn't even think he committed a crime even though the guns are legally mine, just to teach him a lesson. He'll probably lose his job if he gets arrested.

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  • 1WeirdGuy

    Stealing guns in many states is like 5 years mandatory prison per gun. Id try to work it out without police because his job is the last thing he'll be worried about.

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  • Yaidin

    "I can't have my brother legally own guns, so I will steal them so they belong to me, a responsible person that steals from family and illegally owns guns"

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  • MonteMetcalfe

    Tell him to return them or you'll go to the police.
    Go to the police if he doesn't give them back. The choice is his.
    If he looses his job it's his fault.

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  • RoyyRogers

    First off this is theft and if his logic is he can take anything he believes no one should own, will it stop at just guns? Second he clearly doesn't know how guns work. Guns if legal are registered and follows the owner. That means if someone steals your guns and something bad with them be it accidental or otherwise the owner of said gun will take the heat. Same with a stolen vehicle or a vehicle with a lean or a history. At the very least report that your guns where stolen and than tell your brother you reported it. Since If they track it back and you reported them stolen all heat goes to him. He wants to be a thief and he wants to go to prison. His dangerous personality needs to be fixed immediately.

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  • sweetone89

    I'd call the police and report it immediately, fuck his job or any jail time. What if he committed a crime with those guns? What if he lends them to someone else who commits a crime? Or if they were stolen from him and then used to committ a crime?

    You would be liable. And the cops would definitely question why you didn't report the theft of those in a timely manner? You could get prison!

    I'd recommend you speak to a criminal defense attorney just to be on the safe side.

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  • BlackPeople

    As a black man trying to make it in this world, I can't help but wonder why your priority is "teaching him a lesson" when it could result in very permanent and life changing consequences for your brother when he meant to cause no such thing for you, young man. This would constitute a felony and as funny as you think it is to give your brother the switch for teasing you, the consequences would be very real, and a responsible young man would know that. Now call me old fashioned, but I think, even though your brother was indeed wrong, the best thing to do might be to talk things out before making the call and causing damage you can't really undo. Who knows? Maybe that's why the young man was thinking you'd be better off without a gun in your hand, always acting out of anger and your sense of right and wrong, without thought to nuance and permanent consequences. It makes an old man chuckle thinking about the grasshopper teaching the ninja and all those jokes that Quentin fellow made. Maybe you shouldn't be toting a gun around in the first place, young man, if you like to cause damage first and ask your own family members questions later.

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  • litelander8

    If they’re registered to you, that is absolutely illegal. I don’t think you should put him in a situation to loose his job but you should let him know if he has government clearance, he would for something like that.

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