Liking someway way older than you?

I've always liked men older than me but I noticed reactions from friends/family differ. If the guy is very attractive, it's fine with them. But if the guy is average/below average looking (according to them), then it's "weird" to them.

Regardless whether or not you're ok with age difference.. why would the man's attractiveness make it right or wrong? I think if you have an opinion on it, it should be completely ok or completely not ok.

Btw I'm 30 so not anything super weird lmao

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  • Tinybird

    My opinion is people can like whoever the fuck they want to, as long as they are not forcing or coercing them into sexual activity. That is ALL. I don't get what is so hard about that for people to understand.

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  • Anonnet

    Because if they're still attractive, it's more understandable why you would be dating an old man. If they're not, obviously it's weird since the dude can probably barely even get it up. Then we have to look at other reasons why you would be with this person.

    The first thing that comes up is money, everything else that comes up is stuff you could easily find in younger men.

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    • Eh not 'old' old.. 50s is the oldest really.

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  • it's certainly not fair.

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  • Jh9856

    It is 100% normal for women to like a older source of easy money.

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    • But without the money aspect? That doesn't apply to me. It's just simple attraction

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