Let's switch to islamic blasphemes

Christian blasphemes for cursing (e.g. goddammit, Jesus Christ, Christ almighty, etc.) are old and boring. If we were to switch over to using Islamic blasphemes, which one would be your favorite?

For the love of Allah's gay orgies... 1
Sexy-ass Aisha (she was fucking 9 when Mo' got a hold of her) 3
Allah's sacred asshole!! 0
Child raping Mo'! 2
Women have worth 3
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  • Meatballsandwich

    WOMEN HAVE WORTH!!! AAARGH!! Snubbed my toe again.

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  • Tawfeq

    If you want to know the story of Christ, read the Noble Qur’an belonging to Muslims that differs from the story we know
    And I think that the life of Christ mentioned in the Holy Qur’an is the correct one

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  • Tinybird

    I'm going for sexy-ass Aisha.

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  • 1234tellmethatyoulovememore

    These are worse than Christian ones. Why not make better comparisons to the messed up stuff in the Bible?

    "Damn daughter-fucking Lot!"

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    • In English, the word "bloody" is used as a curse because it's a shortened form of "Bloody wounds of Christ!". Then there's also "Jesus fucking Christ" as a double entendre, implying Jesus is having anal sex with Christ. There are others that I'd say are on par with any of the above

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