It's been 10 years since a woman interested me

10 years ago I was in school so it's safe to say it was innocent school love. Since then never been interested in a woman IIN?

P.S I'm straight.

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  • RoseIsabella

    I have sorta lost interest in dating since 2017, because my last experience was so awful. Now I'm grateful for the solitude, and it makes me feel free.

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    • notmyrealname123

      dirtybirdy your sugardaddy?

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  • Tommythecaty


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  • didi_badoff

    but theres no shirt that covers breasts the size of yours

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  • litelander8

    That’s adorable.

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  • taebby22

    Do you try to meet people? You have to put in the effort. If you already have and there's still no results, it's prob not you. People are hard to get to know these days imo. Everyone has their face stuck in a phone.

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    • I'm not interested in dating or any thing of the kind, I never met anybody that I'm interested enough to want to date. but the weird thing is I kinda like romance films, comics etc. and I sometimes fantasizes about having a gf and cuddling and stuff, but I've never found anyone I want to do that with.

      I remember the crushing feeling of love 10 years ago, I was doing stupid stuff just to get her attention, but now I just feel stoic and nothing seems to be able to light up the fire that I had back then.

      I'm afraid that my mind is too focused on something like work, being successful, studying, and reaching my goals. sometimes I just feel in need of affection, but even this feeling, I can get rid of easily and I'll be right back to chasing my dreams no problem.

      I'm afraid that I'm not having fun like the people my age should be.

      this turned into a rant but that's the gist of it.

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      • EnglishLad

        If you ever need affection, hire an escort who offers "GFE", or "the girlfriend experience".

        For the same price as dinner and the flicks with a gold-digger who has an attitude problem, you can put a financial agreement in place and recieve a beautiful, well-mannered, classy woman who will be honest about her intentions and guarantee you her affection.

        Regular women are often the complete opposite of that. Not all, but most. Modern feminism actively discourages women from doing anything nice for a man.

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