Is this a weird interpretation to have?

Like many people I grew up with Disney, and I also own Disney+. It’s no secret that they have produced some rather “iffy” content in the past, as the warnings provided on D+ can attest to. And they’re far from the only company that is guilty of this.

But something about that almost seems enduring, if that makes sense. I mean, think about it: this company and these characters have been around so long that they existed in a time things that are unthinkable now were perfectly acceptable. In a way, it kinda shows how much staying power something has, that even throughout time they can adapt and change to fit in with what is more acceptable.

I’m not sure if I’m making sense, and I mean no offense, of course it’s terrible that these things were ever accepted, but it also comes from weird form of nostalgia (and sadly some people are genuinely nostalgic for the absolute worst part of racism and the like, that go far beyond offensive cartoons).

I apologize if this somehow came off as disrespectful.

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  • McSorley

    I loved the old Tom and Jerry cartoons, far as I know they censored the Mammy character and replaced her with white women.

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  • JellyBeanBandit

    I really can't see what's so bad about all those apparently racist Disney movies tbh. Like Song of the South was one of my favourites when I was little. I was shocked to learn that everyone apparently thought it was racist when I was older, with all of them going on about slavery and stuff. There's no mention of slavery in the film, people are just applying history to a fictional story as they see fit.

    And then they talk about racist stereotypes like the crows in Dumbo, the cats in Lady and the Tramp, or the Indians in Peter Pan, but I just don't find any of them racist at all. They might be stereotypes but that doesn't necessarily make them racist. None of them were portrayed negatively (the cats were portrayed as mean, but that's because they're cats and Lady is a dog). Nostalgia has become a big trend recently with the internet, and so has trying to find new details and flaws in the older stuff that everyone grew up with. And I think intentionally looking for racism and finding it when it's just not there has grown out of that.

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    • RoseIsabella

      The first movie my parents took me to as a baby was The Song of the South.

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    • Hubbard

      Disney isn’t the worst offender. The Jim Crow museum is filled with WAY worse stuff!

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  • charli.m

    My grandma loves the Little Black Sambo cartoons. I can't remember if they're Disney but...they're pretty offensive.

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  • RoseIsabella

    Well, I be dun seen about everythang when I see an elephant fly.

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