Is it normal to want to die to unravel the mysteries of death?

Ok, to give you some background, I am heavily depressed, and also often feel lonely and worthless, but I feel that dying will give me some value, because at least when I die I'll be able to try to help unravel the mysteries of death, naturally, we all want to know what happens when we die, it's an age old question, personally, I believe in God, the Afterlife, ghosts etc.

Basically, I wish to know what lies on the other side, and since I'm no expert ghost hunter, the only way I can get real answers will be when I'm dead, maybe then I can cross from the Land of the Dead back to the living world and share my knowledge with the living.

Is this normal?

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  • Just be a Nihilist. Life is pointless, if you search for a point you'll die either in pure suffering or lying to yourself constantly. Just do what makes you feel good, even if that means being selfish. And never submit yourself to any God.

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    • "Life is pointless"
      But you have to be alive to realize that, there for giving it a point.
      It becomes a point within itself.

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  • yuo cant share shit with us , because if you could , the old dead would have told us whats in the after life

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  • normal to me. i felt like this everyday.

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  • Life's isn't pointless it's more what kind of point do you want to have, life has meaning within itself.
    Keep in mind this is coming from a former nihilist, and am now simply atheist.
    Because I looked at life and on a whole, as in if a comet/meteorite hits earth and kills us all its just another day at the office for the universe.
    But we give ourselves our own meaning,
    "I have meaning, because I give meaning to myself"
    What your meaning is, is up to you.

    if you could cross from the land of the dead back into the land of the living there wouldn't be as many questions.

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  • And if there's nothing on the other side how are you going to know anything

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  • You think you want to die but instinct would kick in. I've wished to be killed suddenly for a long time as my life has zero purpose. The thing is I've been in multiple situations where I could have died and natural survival instinct kicked in to save my ass.

    Instance one. I was a hair away from falling 8 stories at my job. It would have killed me. It was a chance to die but no. My arms flailed to regain balance and i grabbed hold of some rebar narrowly evading a plummet to my death. Damn.

    Instance two: a semi swerved to avoid something on the hwy at 70 mph and jackknifed heading straight at me. Certain death for sure right? Nope I hit the brakes and swerved narrowly avoided that fate.

    Subconciously this instinct to survive kicked in an occurred both times. Saving my miserable ass.

    I've attempted suicide convincingly 3 times in my life. Much to my chagrin none were successful. I've survived cancer, multiple accidents that should have killed me, broken my back multiple times and my neck once. Surived it all.

    When your time is up, it's up.

    There is no need to hasten the process, it will come soon one will gain anything worthwhile by knowing what comes after death, so you dying on the remote chance you can inform them is pretty useless too.

    At best they too become depressed if it sucks after death,or they also kill themselves to hasten their arrival to some heavenly place in the ether.

    They also may see and hear you tell them loud and clear, and instead of taking it at face value, they ignore it as a hallucination or go crazy with the new knowledge that they just saw a ghost.

    Sorrythat was a long answer, it's not normal, and nothing good will come from it. Yes, I've given this subject a lot of thought in my miserable years here on earth.

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  • WANT to die its not normal

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  • I have been in the exact same plaCe you are in. Since the only people that really know what happens after death are dead and can't tell us I think UT is totally normal to want to die just to find out

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