Is it normal to treat a weird evil like it's normal?

To lower a popular man's confidence, if it's not what I want, not what I asked for the doctor's not a good doctor.

I act as if doctors are evil doers plotting against me, I act as if it's wrong to do that, all evil is the same, I don't care if it's special, I'm not going to be cool with that, and I'm not going to act like it's okay.

A doctor is like Dr Evil plotting to destroy Austin Powers, don't tell me this stuff didn't start in Germany with Hitler against Jews, medicine is an ableist, specialist activity that refuses to treat the patient as equal or like normal people.

The reality is my mental image is me as a handsome man with a reputation, acting manly, with no feminine energy, yes I'm on to you, calling me a woman, how dare you? I'm not a woman, where's the feminine energy? What I do is the opposite.

And furthermore it gets worse when any American, Australian, and New Zealander goes overseas, in dictator countries you have to please the dictator before his men kill you, they're vile people just like Hitler, the only thing great about them is considerable evil, they confuse great with evil, I studied great people, great people are Ayn Rand, Albert Einstein, Christopher Hitchens, Paul Jilette, people like that, not Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, and Kim Jong Il.

I'm talking about terrible people, these people are evil, and treating it like it's like anything else evil isn't inappropriate. Is that normal?

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