Is it normal to shower once a month?

I can't stand showering. I can't stand feeling that weird feeling you get after showeing or bathing. bathing specifically makes me feel utterly devastated. So.. is it normal? I don thikn i stink but i might... my ability to smell is hindered... Would you shower once a month for a year?

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  • Trust me you stink and everywhere you go people talk about it. Not trying to be mean but I have been around alot of ppl and if you dont shower atleast every other day you stink.

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    • I can't remember when I even posted this question. That being said I am staying true to my plan and so far I have only had 3 showers this year.
      I don't believe that I stink because I think I'd be told that by my relatives when I visit

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  • The most i went without a shower was 20 days. This recently

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  • i get that its healthier for your skin, but you should really shower more often..
    maybe dont use soap sometimes and only water if that makes it better?

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  • Watch out, you might pop a pimple on your own ass, and then get a full blown staph infection.

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  • Um, well, if that works for you.

    Just know that it puts you at risk for infection.

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