Is it normal to having not understood how to roleplay in garry's mod?

I recall back in the day i thought that it was okay the way i was playing on serious roleplaying server and couldn't understand that there was nothing wrong with my character 'physical' description "the best person in a city" although the plot took place in a deserted environment with only remainings left and only 2 3 buildings and it wasn't a city at all and explanation never got to my head regarding how to write a description and among many things such as throwing ass spawned dinosaur bones which i got kicked for from a server and blankly, randomly roleplaying washing an abandoned truck tire in a fountain bucket which probably was out of character , including grabbing autospawning submachineguns from a room and random deathmatching everyone (out of character of course)which in the end got the entrance to guns blocked by a moderator with tons of doors so it would take virtually infinite tries of opening to open them all which the same 'E' key closes them so the chance is even more impossible. I wish i could go back in time and roleplay there normally such as asking what the plot is and get informed about how to roleplay.

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