Is it normal to have overly violent thoughts?

Ever since I was 7 or so, I kept having the urge to hurt people I knew. Thoughts of how I would do so and how they would react kept circulating in my mind. Of course, I would never actually cause harm to anyone intentionally. I understand that much. Sometimes that thoughts appear even more violent and gruesome if said person had angered me in the past year or so, or if they had done something I can never forgive them for. I’ve imagined cutting their limbs off or putting out their eyes. It’s to the point I’m even disturbing myself. I have been diagnosed prior with adhd and autism, though im not sure if it has to do with either. I just want to know, is this at all normal?

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  • Meatballsandwich

    Same, but I have these thoughts about people I don't know, who oppose me politically.

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  • Im-not-a-milllenial-like-yall

    I think its called intrusive thoughts, its normal ig

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