Is it normal to have overly violent thoughts?

Ever since I was 7 or so, I kept having the urge to hurt people I knew. Thoughts of how I would do so and how they would react kept circulating in my mind. Of course, I would never actually cause harm to anyone intentionally. I understand that much. Sometimes that thoughts appear even more violent and gruesome if said person had angered me in the past year or so, or if they had done something I can never forgive them for. I’ve imagined cutting their limbs off or putting out their eyes. It’s to the point I’m even disturbing myself. I have been diagnosed prior with adhd and autism, though im not sure if it has to do with either. I just want to know, is this at all normal?

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  • It's normal to have these thoughts at some point in life, especially with the frequent themes in our media glorifying it in one way or another. It's so common that we see so many people make this exact post on this site that it's become a bit of a meme.

    What I would suggest is to not build your personality around this, people won't be disturbed by you but will find you uninteresting, as often times people with these thoughts are trying to live up to "The dark figure" in their favourite movie/TV show, which when people try to live up to such characters in the real world it comes off as very meh. Find realistic ways to be interesting and your life will be better for it. :)

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  • Same, but I have these thoughts about people I don't know, who oppose me politically.

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