Is it normal to have anxiety about kidney stones

Everyday I worry. I'm scared guys. I sacred.

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  • taebby22

    Have you had them before? If so I think it's pretty normal to worry a little bit about having them again. I have gallstones but theyve never bothered me -- however whenever I get the slightest little ache, I'm scared it's them lmao Nah you're ok, it's normal. You're scared of the pain

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  • cootchiefruit

    Weak. You should be embarrassed for showing your face here.

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  • noid

    Probably not normal to worry about it that often. But maybe we all have our medical fears. As a kid I was afraid of appendicitis. Now I fear cancer more.

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  • Tommythecaty

    I’m not particularly prone to “anxiety” in the sense you mean so I’m not really sure. Never have a heightened feeling for more than a few seconds without drug use. Sounds normal for some of the users though.

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  • kikilizzo

    Oh yes. My mom got it a couple years ago and after witnessing her going through it its definitely one of my biggest fears...

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