Is it normal to hate attn yet still professionally perform on stage?

I am a professional musician and I want to be successful in life (DUH) and enjoy my life and career at the same time. I love performing on stage and especially collaborating with other musicians. But I f*cking hate other peoples' attention. I don't like talking to strangers, I wanna have a patio but surounded by plants and trees so my neighbors can't see me, blablabla

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  • This makes sense to me. On stage you’re not really expected to interact with people, the only response to a question you’ll likely get is “Woooo!”. You pretty much play your set, thank them and leave.

    When you’re in a conversation you have to pay attention to other people and think on your feet.

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  • Absolutely. Performance is an art. Even breaking the fourth wall is controlled.

    I don't see how being a performing musician and being an introvert are antithetical.

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  • I'm the same. I was a dancer for many years and I am very introverted. I saw it as just work, didn't enjoy any attention I got from it, kind of just went into my own world while performing and didn't see the audience really. I mean, I saw them on a basic level of course, but didn't get anything out of the fact that they were there watching me. It didn't matter to me if there was 1, 10 or 300 people there.

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  • go outside on that patio, naked ;)

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  • You just want the dinero.

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  • BlaH? What?

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