Is it normal to get irritated by watching fish in a fish tank?

Most people I know find it calming watching fish in a tank. But when I see pet fish in an aquarium I always get annoyed and irritated and angry by this. Is that normal?

Like watching the fish move back and forth is some trigger for me. I get irritated. Anyone else have that?

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  • kikilizzo

    It's triggering to see a living creature in a tiny enclosure, I agree. There are no living creatures that are happy living that way.
    If I was to get a pet of some kind that requires an enclosure i'd the biggest one possible. Hamster is a pet which triggers me to watch. Everyone who has hamsters keep them in a tiny glass enclosure where they can't do much except run in a wheel, which when done over and over is clearly stress due to being understimulated. I don't know if fish has a consciousness as high as other pets but I would still never get any if I could only be bothered having a tiny aquarium.

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  • Ummitsstillme

    It entirely depends on the fish and the tank. It can be suffering till death, or the greatest life possible.

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