Is it normal to feel disgust after every time you eat?

A few details to go with my question: I was diagnosed with autism at the age of 11. I've always eaten faster than ~85% of the people around me (I finish my meals in 10 minutes). There are certain groups of foods I tend to avoid like the plague because I also have IBS and those foods trigger it and/or I can't get it past my nose without catching my sinuses on fire. I also deal with depression and high amounts of anxiety.

It doesn't matter what I eat, or the quantity I eat. I end up feeling like I should've left my stomach empty and feel like total shit after I eat. Things like wheat and peanuts tear my stomach up and are the worst offenders (even Chick-fil-A cannot escape this fate). Whenever I'm depressed or highly anxious I basically shut down, and it takes my appetite with it. I currently smoke a little weed to self-medicate and give my appetite a little kick, but I don't want to be doing this forever (I also vape nicotine, and I'm working on quitting that). What would you guys do to deal with this?

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  • taebby22

    You should be telling your doctor about these things. I've felt the same, and maybe it's partly your IBS and partly your depression. Mental health has a real impact on digestion.

    As for eating, you have to eat slower. Eating fast can hurt your stomach even if you don't have underlying problems. I would look up tips on how to eat slower and try them.

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  • Yesimaprincess

    Just eat

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    • bigbudchonger

      Let me ask you this. Are you a princess?

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  • Harry_Irision93

    I can't tell if this is a physical or mental health thing, but it sounds like a bit of both.
    My advice to you is: Try to cut back on glutenous products. You may have a gluten intolerance, and it may not be safe to continue eating those foods.
    Eat slower. Be more controlled with how much you eat. Don't overdo it, as then you'll feel even more sick. You can't go cold turkey with food, so it's best to just try eating smaller portions, in a more controlled manner.

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  • Tinybird

    I sometimes get this, but also I'm autistic but I eat slower than anyone else I know.

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  • Anonnet

    Did you mean you feel emotionally disgusted, or that you feel physically disgusting? I thought it was the first one, so responding as if it is:

    This sounds like it's being caused by the depression and low self-esteem, not the diet. I may feel sick when I eat something, but I don't emotionally feel bad for eating it. I'm always right, it's my digestive system that's at fault. That food was delicious and therefore I was correct in eating it, my body's just going to have to deal with it.

    Eating better and avoiding the foods that upset your stomach would help, but you also have to find out why you're depressed and put down a plan to get out of it. You deserve food.

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  • AsterBean

    If you have IBS stop eating wheat. Look up FODMAP diet and start there. It's not a forever diet, just a way to help determine what your triggers are.

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  • TheAmateurStrongmanCompetitor

    I do sometimes because I have to eat alot for strength and calories

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  • 1WeirdGuy

    Youre probably gluten sensitivity. Its not just some faggy disease made up by hippies either. I had issues for years it got so bad I thought I was gonna die. Went on a meat only diet everything went away, i slowly added foods back until I got to wheat and BOOM it returned. I never ate bread again.

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