Is it normal to be irritated to listening to your gf problems

when I was in a relationship with my gf....she always used to tell me her small problems and eventually listening to it I got irritated and I was behaving so rudely to her that it eventually led to our breakup.

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  • ospry

    You should try to be patient, supportive, and understanding of your partner when you're in a relationship, but some people simply like to bitch and moan. I dated a girl who, literally every time we were together, would go on a tirade about something that was pissing her off that day and there was no response I could offer that was "correct". Trying to solve a problem resulted in "You're not LISTENING to me", and listening and trying to be supportive would get me accused of fake-listening which would make her even angrier

    Some people don't want to be satisfied

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  • Curiouskitten444

    Probably depends what her problems are.

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  • RoseIsabella

    Sounds to me like the two of you were physically attracted to each other, but ya'll were not compatible personality-wise. Relationships are about more than sexual attraction.

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  • 1WeirdGuy

    Yeah it does get old. When I go on this sleeper runs with my partner he starts complaining about ppl on the road driving, and supervisors, and why the paperwork isnt digital, and after a while I start being rude to him. I dont think im gonna take him as a partner anymore.

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  • Cuntsiclestick

    Yeah, I can't stand when people sit there and complain to me about their first world problems. Though I usually let people know their negativity is bringing me down. If they keep doing it, it's time to go ghost. XD

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